Jeremy Meeks Wife Says He Needs to PAY UP!! 

We all remember drooling over prison bae Jeremey Meeks,  well he is now cheating -soon-to-be divorced bae.  Jeremy picked up a huge modeling contract after being released from prison.  He has been using Those abs,  cheeks,  and eyes in Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.  With that being said soon To be ex wife Melissa Meeks says he has to be raking in the dough.  Now before you go judging her she makes her own money as well.  Melissa Meeks is a Registered Nurse in the Bay Area an ranks in about $10k a month.  Now compared to her estimate of Jeremy’s income of $1 Million a month she is the lesser earning of thr two.  Now she hasn’t seen any money to exactly solidify how much her earns but it is her educated guess.  Melissa says although her $10k covers majority of her and the kids needs the total bills an needs are about $11K Monthly. She is asking for spousal support an Child Support but no exact figure has been released. Considering he started to cheat on her very publicy I think he should give her what she want.. Bias I know… I know…  

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