GRINDR HR Supervisor Drugs an Rapes an Employee at Office Party 

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Over the last few years there has been multiple apps an website to help you meet that perfect match or late night booty call.  Grindr a dating app for Gay men might be in a bit of trouble.  An employee of the app says that the H. R. rep of the company drugged an raped him.  In 2016 the app had one of its office parties except this time was a little different for employee John Doe who choses Remain anonymous for the time being.  He attended the party as he normally does the other functions an said he was chatting with the HR rep then the next thing he knows he passes out an wakes up in a Hotel.  He passes out again due to the alleged drugging,  and the next time He came to he says the HR was actively anally penetrating him and forecfully holding him down.  Being overwhelmed by the drug The John Doe Employee passes out again.  Once he was able to put some of the pieces together he immediately filed a police report and an investigation is currently pending.  John Doe is upset an is also hurt that the security guards there for the event that saw him barely coherent should have stepped in but they chose not to.  There are other reports that the Gindr App Facility encourages the employees to use explicit language,  suggestive sexual remarks an innuendoes.  The investigation is still pending an no discoveries to refute or concur the allegations have been founded yet.  

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