Ex-Married to Medicine Cast Member Lisa Nicole Cloud tells Husband TO CUT THAT BI**H OFF!  (Audio Inside) 

📷 Credit: Lisa Cloud Instagram

Lisa Nicole is very active in her comment section but the last 5days she has been radio silent on social media. I can understand why though,  a recent audio came out of her an husband Darren Cloud arguing.  They weren’t just having your typical light banter,  nope from the sounds of it Darren is dipping elsewhere in Mrs. cloud an she is TIRED!!  Her and Hubby Darren have had some issues in the past when a Man came out stating that him an Darren had something going on and the fact that a local Atlanta Stripper knew him by name.  Looks like this is the straw thay breaks the camels back for this duo.  Lisa declined to come back for the upcoming season of Married To Medicine (Says she is booked and busy)  so we will just have to see when,  if,  or how she addresses this audio tape.  My money is on her not even addressing it at all.  We all see how passionate she is about her family an don’t like her personal life talked about too much so she probably will sweep this under the rug.  Listen to the audio below an tell me what you think.  


Audio Credit: KingOfReads.com


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