☕☕ Rose Burgundy aka Denzell Ex-BOYFRIEND Spills the Tea (Videos inside) 


This morning things have been getting out of hand…  The comedian Jess Hiliarious an Hazel E have been going back an forth.  Things got even hotter when Hazel E BF Rose Burgundy whose real name is Denzell Young decided to jump in this female beef.  Well since he decided to do that his little secret came spilling out….  A guy who goes by the IG Name Camyonce post videos telling what the Tea really is.  Judging by the DM conversation between Camyonce an Rose ,Rose is only with Hazel to get a bag.  Now if you been watching LHHHollywood Hazel E claims she is managing Roses career.  We didn’t really get to see what kind of career of his she is managing but nonetheless he got a check for being on the show.  The Camyonce guy also sent DM conversations to Jess who posted them on her Instagram tagging everyone involved (Hazel,  Rose,  an Camyonce).  This is a nasttyyyy little feud that has Rose exposed but of course he is denying anything this guy says is true and Hazel E is going Hard for him…  Well Check out the videos an DM receipts below an tell me what you think…. 💅💅💅

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