Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins (Lean On Me)  Arrested for pounds of Mary Jane


Here we are again with Jermaine Hopkins an his legal trouble.  The Lean On Me star was aressted a few nights ago for doing 70 MPH in a 55MPH zone.  The cops pulled him over to cite him for speeding,  but noticed a strong marijuana scent coming from the car.  Seeing as though that is enough probable cause to search the vehicle Jermaine couldn’t really protest for them not to.  They searched the car an found almost 6 pounds of Mary Jane in his trunk.  Back in 2011 he was arrested for trying to buy 200 pounds from an undercover officer.  Smh.  Looks like Huggy might need some more of Morgan Freeman’s tough love. Once Jermaine was bonded out they still cited him for speeding.  He faces charges of intent to sell and/or distribute marijuana and a Felony Possession of Marijuana.  The actor has dodged a little trouble in the past with the law let’s hope if he dodges this one he gets some help.  Morgan Freeman where you at?  

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