Mother of 3 Charged with Murder in Atlanta


Lamor Williams is a mother of 3 residing in South Atlanta.  She has been charged 2 count of murder of her 1 year old an 2 year old kids.  The children were found Friday night in her south Atlanta Apartment.  Lamora Williams told the police she left the children with a caregiver around noon Friday.  She returned home at 11:30pm to find her 2 boys dead an the caregiver gone.  However Police aren’t believing that story.  In speaking with neighbors one neighbor said “She never has any one over the house”. There were other neighbors who corroborated that story in one way or another.  The children had burn marks from the stove on their bodies,  and are currently awaiting autopsies.  The police believe she may have left the children unattened.  The oldest child was 3 years old and he was un-harmed.  They took the stove as evidence due to the burn marks on the two boys.  At this time the investigation is still pending an Lamora Williams has no court date set.  My heart goes out to all of the children.  Although 3 years old is very young to recount things I pray there is something the little boy can tell them.  

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