Takari Christie to Jackie Christie : “I Hope To Match Your Hustle”

Takari Christie Lee Has released her book Light To Her Shadow, and it has been a success.  As you should know (but if you don’t)  Takari Christie Lee is the oldest daughter of Basket Ball Wives Diva Jackie Christie. Takari has been doing book release interviews, an on a book signing release tour.  She has been unstoppable promoting her brand an book as well as balancing being a mother.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here though.  Her mom Jackie has been in her bag doing live plays,  TV show cameos on TV One, has her own liquor called Bossard Cognac an of course her role on Basket Ball Wives LA.  It’s no doubt Jackie Christie is a Hustler of the coins.  Not to mention they are BOTH Book Authors.  In a recent conversation with Takari  she had this to say about her book release, and what is next for her. She also had a sweet thing to say about/to mother Mother Jackie Christie. 

 I feel great since the release of my book. Something I thought I would always chase after or seek, I have achieved. What is next for me is definitely book number 2 and so many other things I see myself doing motivational speaking, I’m working on a publication company to assist other writers and story tellers with sharing their stories with the world. No matter how big or small. I would love to just wish my mom the best and say congratulations on all your ventures and best of luck in whatever you do !! Like mother like daughter I’m watching, learning and hoping to one day match your hustle!!

 Now,  that is sweet!  Well it looks like things are going good for the Chrsitie women individually,  hopefully on their individual journeys they Cross paths an re-build the bridge. If you haven’t gotten a copy of Takari Christie’s book Light To Her Shadow look her up on Instagram an click the link in her bio.  

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