Rapper Nelly in JAIL on Rape Allegations 

📷 Via @derrtymo on Instagram

It is a dark day this morning for Rapper Nelly whose real name is Cornell Hayes.  Around 3:45am this Saturday morning Nelly was picked up an charged with Rape (Allegations).  A female reportedly went to Nelly’s your bus an things esclated from there.  Nelly allegedly raped the woman on the tour bus in Washington DC where he is suppose to perform later tonight.  The rapper has seen the legal system at work due to his previous run in with the law.  In 2015 he was aressted for drug paraphernalia,  marijuana possession, an gun possession.  Since then he has did his due dillegence to stay out of trouble.  With this recent allegation if true Nelly could be facing anywhere from 3-10 years in jail.  Not all cases are the same so we will have to wait an see how this plays out.  I am also wondering how Girlfriend Chantel Jackson is feeling about all of this.  She is on an New Show on E! Channel called Platinum Life.  I wish the best outcome for all in this situation whatever that might be.  

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