Woman gets Plastic Surgery to look Like Melania Trump

It is a crazy world we live in these days, from women “transforming” their bodies to look like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj to fixing their entire bodies and faces to resemble other celebrities. Well this woman decided she wanted to look like our First Lady Melania Trump. Now if that isn’t just a whole question within itself I don’t know what is. What led this woman to take on this transformation? Claudia Sierra told New York Daily News “I was getting rejected by men and it was killing my soul. Nobody was picking me. So I said, ‘let me change everything because I don’t want any part that’s been touched by someone.'” Claudia Sierra who has a upcoming episode on Inside Edition has been through a lot throughout the years. She has had breast cancer and was given a partial mastectomy . Claudia was recently quoted saying she just wanted to “feel good about herself again”, after she had the mastectomy an in remission for her breast cancer.  It still makes me question about why she chose Melania Trump but according to Claudia the First Lady is “The perfect woman”. Not sure if she means she is the perfect woman to deal with Donald Trump as her husband or the perfect woman to want to look like. Her surgeries cost more than $60,000 with a total of 8 surgeries. Like most when asked about why she did she said “I did it for myself”. We all know that line. Take a look at the photos of Claudia Sierra and the First lady Melania Trump and tell me what you think.


Picture on the (L) is before the surgeries . Picture on the (R) is after .

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