Bonnie Bella in Hiding Stevie J an Joseline Playing Keep-A-Way

📸 Via Stevie J Instagram

Steven Jordan an Joseline Hernandez are in deep trouble with the Family Court Division.  The on again off again couple are in a mud slinging match for custody of Bonnie Bella.  The judge presiding over the case felt a court appointed guardian was need an assigned one to Bonnie Bella. She/He is put in place to make sure Bonnie is safe an getting all the things she need.  They were both recently suppose to show up for a court date regarding custody an the location of Bonnie Bella, but neither of them showed up.  Joseline also had a court Date for a traffic violation that she chose to not appear at either.  The guardian has reached out To both parents requesting a physical address location of Bonnie Bella an they have yet to respond.  The guardian is aware that Josline may have fled to Miami FL with Bonnie an plans to follow up on it.  Joseline an Dawn are besties Now (Well since last season)  and Dawn is also the God Mother of Bonnie Bella.  From the looks of Dawns Instagram Bonnie Bella spends a lot of time with her an her family.  Joseline an Stevie can be in a court discussing much more then custody if they don’t bring Bonnie out of hiding for the court.  

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