It’s OVER!  Rasheeda Confirms her an Kirk Frost are Separated. 

Picture Via @Rasheedabosschick

Welp looks like one Reality TV couple has called it quits for real.  Rasheeda an Kirk Frost are separated.  As you may know Kirk’s dirty deeds last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was one of the pivotal moments in the Frosts’ marriage.  Allegedly Kirk fathered a child with ex-stripper Jasmine Bleu from a local Atl strip club.  There was a lot of back in forth and as the season ended we saw Kirk an Rasheeda marriage fall by the wayside.  In a recent interview with Dish Nation Rasheeda sat down to clear the air about where her an Kirk are today an if he got that DNA Test.  Listen Below.
No Copyright Infringement Intended (I DO NOW OWN RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO.)Interview With Dish Nation (

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