Carmelo Anthony Traded to OKC Thunder

This week there was much speculation on whether the New York Knicks were going to keep Carmelo Anthony or if Anthony would waive his no trade clause.  His camp put put a statement earlier in the week that Carmelo was “hopeful” to go to the Houston Rockets but today a interesting change of events happened.  This couldn’t come at a better time for OKC.  Carmelo will be added to the lineup with powerhouse Russell Westbrook an recently acquired Paul George. The NY Knicks got a 2018 second round draft pick that belonged to the bulls, Enes Kanter,  an Doug Mcdermott in the Trade deal for Carnelo Anthony.  To make the trade more of a easy transition Carmelo has chosen to waive his no trade clause. With all the talk that was going around about where Anthony would end up with a line-up like this I’m sure he will feel right at home.  You think with Carmelo OKC will dominat the Western Conference? 

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