Child Services Investigation on Blac Chyna Continues

📸 Credit: @BlacChyna Via Instagram

The break-up between Rob Kardashian and Angela White aka Blac Chyna was messy.  They ended season one of their show Rob & Chyna on E!, with Rob doing a DNA test for Dream.  Chyna was still pregnant at the time,  but she wanted to cease all noise an negative comments about her sleeping around on Rob an who the father was.  What some didn’t know was that Child Protective Services had opened a case against Black Chyna over some drug abuse suspicions.  This case was opened prior to their final break up an now a judge has stepped in.  Blac Chyna does club appearances an recently had a pre-launch party for her Chyna Dolls. The woman always stays in her bag!  However none of that matters to the courts.  They have now requested a judge step in to help mediate an further investigate the pending case against Blac Chyna. The judge wants to make sure Dream is safe an with the back an forth between Angela and rwob,  the naked pictures being released by Rob, and Blac Chyna’s late nights,  the judge is concerned.  The ultimate goal is making sure Dream Kardashian is safe an in a healthy environment.  No documents have been released detailing what they are alleging Blac Chyna is doing but I am sure some things will start to surface soon.

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