Peter Gunz an Amina Buddafly Join the Marriage Bootcamp Cast.  Trailer inside…. 

Marriage Bootcamp Season (Rights Belong to WeTv)

If you watch Marriage Bootcamp already know some of the things they go through an some of the things that are exposed shakes the core of all involved.  Well this season won’t be any different.  This season isn’t set to premier until October,  but leave it to me to get the cast listing.  So,  this season is the couple we love to hate Peter Gunz an Amina Buddafly from Love an Hip Hop New York, next up is Kailyn Lowry an Javi who you seen on teen mom 2.  Now those two are already in the process of a divorce but Javi wants to make it work.  Kailyn drops a BOMB on Javi telling him she slept with his bestfriend.  Can this relationship be saved or strictly co-parenting?  Former bad girl Meghan James comes with her Ex Baller Bae Deandre Perry,  an let’s just say she not too happy about his lack of coins…  Also joining the cast is Bachelor in Paradise couple JJ Lane an Juelia Kinney.  They are off to a rocky start after Bachelor on Paradise because JJ still has feelings fo his Ex Wife.  Last couple is from Sahs of Sunet Asifa Mirza an Bobby Panahi.  Will you be tuning in for this season?  Is Peter an Amina going to finally ends things or fix their broken marriage.  Could you take your wife back after she slept with your bestfriend?  Do you complain about your man not bringing in enough coins or do you help him out an be patient?  It is safe to say this season will be good.  With Meghan James Hot Houston attitude an Kailyn Lowry sleeping with her soon to be ex husband bestfriend it is safe to say Dr Ish an Dr.  V have their work cut out with this Marriage Bootcamp group.  

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