**Exclusive Interview W Takari Christie Lee** Takari says Evelyn was a “Loop Hole” says Jackie could try an stop her from TV.  

Photo Cred Via Instagram

Today I had the privlege of sitting down an having a conversation with Takari Christie Lee. Who is the daughter to Basketball Wives Jackie Christie.  Almost a Year ago her son Jackson had a accident at his daycare.  This accident went Viral placing blame on Jackie Christie for her lack of attendance,  in her daughters time of need.  To say Takari is a strong woman is a understatement.  To watch your story be told on television that you can’t control or dispute just made her invincible.  She holds her head high an continues being a good mother to all of her children.  Her book Light To Her Shadow releases end o f this month in August 31, 2017. If you looking for a scandal tell all this isn’t the book.  Takari is giving you her TRUTH,  raw an uncut. Take a listen to our interview an head over to her website an preorder her book Light To Her Shadow. 
Takari Christie Book. 

Www. TakariChristie.com


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