Office Freak Session Part 2 (Devin an Sharonda) 

Devin has his hands full of Sharonda cocoa butter skinned breast,  as they both pause when they hear someone at the break room door.  The doorknob continues to jingle so Devin an Sharonda separate themselves an try to adjust themselves bracing for whomever is coming through the door.  In walks Angela with a sly grin on her face.  “Hey,  I been looking for you two,  did you get Devin settled in? ” With slight hesitation Sharonda Responds “Yes he is all good,  I was just wrapping things up”. The room falls silent an you look over at Angela who still has this sheepish grin on her face.  Devin clears his throat well I guess I’ll find my back to my office.  Angela blocks his exit an start circling him.  “Did you know we have cameras in every inch of this building?” You both shake your heads no an now your legs feel like jello.  Angela notices the look on you face an she walks over.  Brushing a single strand of hair out of your face she leans in.  Angela quickly presses her lips against Angela’s darting her tongue around like a pro.  Sharonda is both confused an turned on at the same time.  Devin walks up behind you and you feel his Dick brush up against your ass.  Angela an Sharonda continue kissing, Angela’s hands roam Sharondas body sending tingles up an down her spin.  Sharonda reaches for Devin to bring him in but he has other ideas.  He slides behind Sharonda slowly lifting her Black Bebe Pencil skirt,  a cool breeze hits her ass an Devin realizes she doesn’t have on any panties.  Things are getting heated,  the room is hot, an tiny beads of sweat is forming on Angela’s head.  She takes Sharondas hand guiding it to her sweet spot.  She isn’t wearing any panties either. As Angela guides Sharonda’s hand their eyes meet an Angela tells her to relax.  Devin is admiring both ladies, watching their tongues wrestle in the most soft yet sexual way as he strokes his dick to attention.  As if on cue his dick springs from his boxers, an rubs his dick against Sharonda’s ass. He is sliding it along the lips of her pussy instantly making her juices flow.  A moam escapes Angela’s lips as she throws her head back is ecstacy. Sharonda is rotating Angela’s clit between her thumb an first finger driving her crazy.  After shuffling with a condom an putting it on Devin slides his dick slowly inside Sharonda making her stop pleasuring Angela.  Devin leans in hovering over Sharondas back giving her deep , slow,  consistent strokes. It has been a while since Sharonda had some good dick so her body felt like it was on fire.  Everything from her head to her toes was sensitive an she could feel herself losing control.  She tries to contain herself as Angela begans helping her get back to that little hand thing she was just doing.  The moans escaping everyones mouth bounce off the rooms like echos.  Devin looks up at Angela an can see she is on the edge of climaxing an the shit turned him on even more.  Quickening his strokes , slapping Sharonda’s ass, she throws her ass back on as they catch a harmonious rhythm.  FUuuuccckkkkk Angela moans out as she cums,  Devin grabs Sharonda’s hips giving her three hard strokes, her body shivers an they cum together her pussy covering his dick with all her juices.  They are all catching their breaths and Sharonda is already thinking “WTF did I just do”? Snapping her out her thoughts Angela jumps up smoothing her hair an clothes.  Sharonda an Devin both stand an begin fixing their clothes as well an out of nowhere Angela begins laughing. They all exchange looks an start to laugh too. An awkward silence falls over the room then Angela looks over at Sharonda an says “Well don’t you have some work you could be doing,  I do sign your checks”. She rolls her eyes an you exit the room breathing a sigh of relief.  Devin an Angela stand there looking oddly at each other,  well I am glad to be apart of the company Angela,  Devin says.  Yea I am glad Angela replies, Ok well let’s go make this Real Estate money shall we.  Devin opens the door an let’s Angela walk out first not before taking one last look at the break room. ” I think I can get used to working here”. He straightens his tie an close the breakroom door.  
The End

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