Office Freak Session Pt 1 (Devin an Sharonda) 

It’s 9:05 am an Sharonda is speed walking to her desk before her bitch of boss Angela sees her.  She sits down an prepares to log in when she feels someone hovering iver her shoulder.  She looks up to see Angela standing there with a grimace on her face,  “you’re late… Again”. Sharonda ignores her nasty scowl, “Goodmorning Angela the elevator got stuck this morning,  is there anything I can get you”. She hands Sharonda a stack of files an walks away.  “UGH I can’t stand that heffa”, Sharonda says.  You have your head burried in your files an someone clears their throat attempting to get your attention.  You look up to see this tall, milk chocolate man with a heartstopping smile standing there. Now he isn’t just fine, nah I’m talking GQ man of the Year fine. 6’3 , I can tell by the way his Tom Ford suit fits he works out, well dressed and mmmm smells like sex. “Uh , Goodmorning, Welcome to Sanders Realty how can I help you? ” He extends his hand “Hi,  I’m Devin the New Financial Advisor is Angela Available? ” Barely able to formulate words as you take in his appearance, “OH bitch he is a snack,  you say to yourself”. Coming out her daze,  she licks her lips, “I will let Angela know you are here”. Moments later Angela appears out of her office greets Devin an they head to her office.  “That man is Fine this is going to be hard”. Reminding yourself of the companies strict policy on dating within the office you get back to your work an forget about letting sexy ass Devin crunch all your numbers.  After a while you look up an notice Angela an Devin heading your way,  do a quick check in you compact that your makeup still looks flawless an pretend you didn’t see them coming.  Angela approaches an quickly designates you to help Devin get sitauted around the office an settled into his office.   You take Devin around the office to get his badge  an computer, amongst other things and through small talk you learn he is from the Southside of Chicago an the only child.  Something about him makes you so intrigued an you catch yourself glancing at his private area.  As you try an take your eyes off he meets your gaze noticing you checking him out.  *Clears Throat* “So here we have the breakroom”. You reach to grab your badge an it falls out of your hand, Devin moves quickly to help you pick it up.  Your fingers touch an it was like electricity shot through your body.  You try an avert his gaze but he pulls you close.  Your eyes dart instantly to the hallway fearful someone might see.  Breathlessly you scan your badge an open the breakroom door.  Something about the way he grabbed her grabbed her made her wet instantly.  They stood in the breakroom quiet at first.  “Well, again this is the breakroom,  anytime you get a break you can come in here,  I usually make the coffee every morning too,  Sharonda says.  Devin is just standing there staring at Sharonda like a animal who just found it’s prey,  an his eyes were burning a hole in her panties.  Devin walks across the room an grabs Sharonda’s waist an whispers in her ear.  “Have you ever fucked in the breakroom”? Before she could respond he trails his fingers down her chest as he nibbles on her ear.  To turned on to say stop but too nervous not to you push away . He looks at you with those deep brown eyes and you throw your body against his kissing him.  He grabs you by your Ass cheeks and picks you up. He gently places you on the counter, slowly tracing his tongue along your neck.  You shiver with delight an succumb to his touch.  You explore each others body hands touching everywhere until you reach his zipper.  “Damn, he is working with a mandingo,  you think to yourself”. You go to unzip his pants an you hear someone beep their badge to enter the break room.  The door handle giggles an you look at each other with fear an lust.  Who is at the door?  Is it the bitch of a boss Angela or someone from the office?  Stay tuned for Part 2 an see what happens with Devin an Sharonda in this office freak session. 

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