Jay Z an Beyonce Inspired Restaurant

📷 Credit: @Beyonce via Instagram

Auckland, Australia loves them some Beyonce an Jay Z so much so they have built a restaurant with The Carters in mind. From the decor to the menus The Carters Restaurant embodies an hip hop Renaissance style theme, Jay Z an Kanye’s 2011 Watch The Throne albulm was also a heavy inspiration. They pay homage to others like Notorious BIG, Has, Snoop Dogg, of course The Carters an a few others. 

The menu choices represented artist like Nas with “Stick Lamb Ribs”, Beyoncé’s “Beys Hot Sauce”, w/ “The Carters Chicken Wings” an Snoop Dogg “Footlong Hot Dog”. I am already a tad bit jealous that there isn’t a US location because this restaurant sounds amazing! 

When speaking with manager Chady Khouzam at ‘The Carter’  he stated “Jay Z and Beyonce have always been at the center of controversy which is what inspired our hidden messages in artwork surrounding the bar and the murals on the wall in the basement.” No actual pictures of the location have been released as of yet, but I’m sure once the Grand Opening happens we will hear about this place nonstop even though it is in Australia. 

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