Trey Songz The next Prison Bae?

📸 Credit: Instagram @Treysongz

Last December in Detroit MI Trey Songz went off because they threatned to shut off his performance. He was aware of the allotted time however he stated things didn’t start on time was he was due more minutes an was determined to give it his Detroit fans. That didn’t go over well, once they actually cut the mic off Trey began tearing up his bands equipment, the mics, an even struck a cameraman in the head. It’s what happened when the cops got involved is what has Trey in HOT WATER! During this fiasco Trey Songs allegedly hit a cop that was on the scene causing him to have a concussion. On March 3, 2017 Trey an his lawyer appeared in a video conference with the Detroit judge to discuss his plea deal. The prosecutor offered him a plea deal to avoid the felony assault charge, an instead it would be a misdemeanor. The assualt charge plea deal carries a 2 year probation, mandatory anger management and alcohol screening, but the singer declined the deal. If prosecuted Trey Songs could face up to 4 years in prison for assaulting a police officer. As of now the deal is still on the table however, we all know deals DONT last long especially when it comes to assaulting an officer. If Trey Songs takes too much time to take the deal or chooses not to take it an try his chances at trial sadly we could be looking at our new prison bae.

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