‘Watch Me’ Artist Silentó being held in Dubai

📸 Credit: Instagram #Silento

Over the last few years Dubai has become the go to spot for celebrities, musicians, an producers shooting movies. For musical artist it is the ultimate turn up location. With that being said promoter Adel Halim seeked out Silentó (Ricky Lamar Hawk)  New Atlanta Artist famous for ‘Whip, Whip, Nae Nae’. They paid the artist nicely an covered travel expenses. He was all set to do a tour around the United Arab Emirates however he failed to show up to two shows. Being a “no show” costs Adel Halim money an is also breach of contract. Silento was reportedly scheduled to perform in both Al Ain and Abu Dhabi in mid-February. They are holding Silentó’s passport after a court hearing where he was ordered to repay $85,000 to promoter Adel Halim for performances an travel expenses. He will be stuck in UAE until he comes up with the money. He has some real supporters out there because someone by the name of Bandit’ Kid Smilley created a GoFundMe page for the artist in hopes to raise $100,000 to bring Silentó back to the states. Ricky isn’t the first celebrity to get stuck in UAE in 2015 DJ Esco was stuck there while touring wth 2Chainz. No comments have came from Silentó’s camp about him being held in United Arab, but I am sure they are working diligently to get this matter resolved. It’s safe to say once this debacle is over Silentó won’t be back in Dubai anytime soon.

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