Young Jeezy Sued for $100K

📸 Credit: Instagram @Jeezy

Young Jeezy is in some HOTLANTA water this week. He is facing a lawsuit filed in Houston on February 8, 2017. The rapper entered a contract with promoter Darryl Austin an the Arena Theater in Houston for $60,000 to perform. They paid Jeezy $30,000 as a ‘good faith’ deposit for the concert scheduled for December 9,2016. As the date began to arrive Jeezy contacted the promoter to tell him he was no longer going to perform. It was going to be a huge loss for the venue concidering they had already sold over 1,000 tickets for the event. Jeezy then negotiated for an additional $20,000 to perform an the promoter agreed to give it to him. Unfortunately Young Jeezy ‘The Snowman’s still backed out of the deal. He was seen at a party in Atlanta on the same day he was suppose to perform in Houston an ticketgoers were less than pleased. Darryl Austin, reached out in a last attempt to resolve things. He offered to either reschedule the performance or fly Jeezy there on a private Jet right at that moment, Jeezy declined both offers. Jeezy would have taken home $50,000  at the end of the night, seems a little crazy to pass up. Hopefully they can come to some agreement otherwise Jeezy is going to have to ante up $100,000.

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