American Horror Story: The Election

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We have all either hated or loved the many diverse seasons of American Horror Story.Well this is exactly how you are going to feel about the next two seasons of American Horror Story. This week Ryan Murphy the Creator/Producer for the hit show American Horror Story at down with Any Cohen on Watch What Happens Live an he gave a little insight on upcoming Season 7 an 8 of AHS. In the past AHS has done crossover stories with Coven an Murder House. This season won’t be anything like it nor will it be any crossover characters. There are only two cast mates confirmed so far an that is Evan Peter an Sarah Paulson. The next two seasons will be based upon the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yup, that’s right we are going to relive the election American Horror Story style. When talking about it with Andy Cohen he said “We lay a lot of pipe, and you’ll see it explode in season 7 and 8.” Ryan Murphy is the Co-Creator/Producer for many shows including American Crime Story. It is under the American Crime Story series that Ryan will release the Monica Lewinsky storyline. So it comes off a bit odd that he is taking this election storyline as well as the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky concidering they are along the same lines. If you have ever watched, ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Andy Cohen is King of digging for information or asking you questions you don’t want to necessarily answer. He asked Ryan Murphy the burning question  that will depict whether or not people choose to tune in; Will Donald Trump make an appearance on the show? Ryan answered “maybe”.  Like many AHS storylines there is always some mystery. The mystery in this storyline is very intriguing concidering all the backlash an hassle Donald Trump is currently receiving based on some of his decisions. It will be interesting to see just how far they go with this Election an if it will go as far as Trump being in office. American Horror Story has a huge following so to take on such a political storyline will definitely either pique your interest or turn you off completely. Guess we will have to tune in to see. 

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