Courthouse Beating of Chicago Teenager


(Video Credit: Huffington Post Black Voices) 

Antwan Jones 19, has been charged with the fatal shooting of 11 year old Takiya Holmes that happened last Saturday. Takiya Holmes an her 3 year old brother sat in their families van parked in front of their home, an out of nowhere bullets began to rang out. The gang Black Disciples initiated turf war on a rival gang for them allegedly selling drugs on “their turf”. Sadly eleven year old Takiya was caught in the crossfire by a stray bullet. The bullet hit Takiya Holmes in the right temple, she was transferred to the local Chicago hospital where she died after being taken off life support. Luckily, her 3 year old brother escaped with his life.Antwan Jones turned himself in Tuesday an awaited court Wednesday morning. As Antwan Jones awaited his turn inside the courtroom another Inmate later identified as Renard Williams attacked 19 year old Antwan, repeatedly hitting him in the head. The guards rushed in to separate the two as quick as they could. There are still no details as to why Renard attacked him or if it’s a retaliation from the gang war that happened Saturday night. Jones was held without bail an transferred to Cook County Jail where he is in the max population section despite the altercation. Since the beginning of the year Chicago has had over 176 killing thus far. It’s sad that the city is being ran over by gangs an violence and innocent lives are being taken. I can’t imagine the pain the family of Takiya Holmes is feeling losing her so soon. It’s my hope that they crack down on the gangs an try to repair some of the damage the violence has done to the streets of Chicago. 

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