Muslim Designer chose Immigrant Models for NYFW

📸 Credit: Getty Images/ Anniesa Hasibaun

With all the talks of the Muslim ban now that Donald Trump is in office one designer used her platform to speak up. Indonesian Muslim Fashion Designer Anniesa Hasibaun has been fed up with people having a misconception of Muslims an especially Muslim women. Last year for NYFW she was the first an only designer to send her models down the runway wearing Hijabs. This year she chose to cast only female immigrants to debut her spring collection. She enlisted immigrants, immgrants who are green card holders, an first/second generation immigrants. The best way to describe her designs are they are not for the typical conservative Muslim woman who follows the “dress code” of the Muslim faith. Anniesa wanted to show that her designs are both modest an fresh. One of her pieces is a cape w/ Swarovski crystals an epaulets. Another piece was a paillette covered poncho with pearls an sequins. Anniesa Hasibaun thought of every aspect when it came to her designs. She made the designs work for each body type an sizes by adding things like belts an jackets paired with longline skirts. People have a misconception that Muslim women are oppressed and Anniesa Hasibaun wanted to attempt to put a end to that thought process. At a press event with her translator she spoke about the misconception by saying “I’m here to show the world that Muslim women have alot of potential an that I have alot of passion about the fashion industry.” She also stated “I hope it will bring more understanding about the real Muslim world an Muslim women that us Muslim women are not oppressed that we are doing things we love, like being a fashion designer.” NYFW is one of the biggest events of the year an what better way to let your voice be heard then using the runway as your platform. I don’t think this will be the last time Anniesa Hasibaun uses her designs to make a statement. I look forward to seeing more of her designs an reasonings behind them. 

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