Designer uses Breast Cancer Survivors at NYFW

📸 Credit Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts

New York Fashion Week has been about making statements, an this year designers an models wore Pins in support of Planned Parenthood and one designer took things up a notch. It’s no secret that Breast Cancer is one of the biggest diseases taking the lives of women worldwide. Founder and Designer of Ana Ono Lingerie, Dana Donofree wanted to bring breast cancer to light during this year’s fashion week. Ana Ono Lingerie partnered with Cancerland to really give the Fashion Show the passion an creativity an spread the message. The evening of February 12, sixteen real women (not models) hit the runway. As each woman hit the runway she brought strength, power, empowerment, vulnerability, an confidence. You would never know they were breast cancer survivors if they weren’t showcasing their scars. Women of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities rocked the runway, some wearing no bra showing their Mastectomy scars. Others who weren’t ready to exactly bare all up top wore both top and bottom lingerie pieces. When speaking about the line founder Dana Donofree stated “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to show that these inspiring women walking our runway are no different than any other woman walking NYFW, or sitting in the audience, riding the subway or even walking into your neighborhood coffee shops.” Concidering that breast cancer or any talks of cancer is such a heavy subject attendees said it had a overall upbeat feel. Breast cancer takes the lives of at least 40,000 women a year, take care of yourself an your body. Do self checks on your breast monthly an remember no question is a dumb question when it comes to matters of your health. Round of applause for this designer chosing such a empowering way to show these strong women that we care an with them all the way! Cancer Sucks! 

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