F is for Fendi or Fight? Fendi NYFW After party Details (Full Video) 

📸 Credit: FisforFendi Instagram

This past week NYFW has had events going on everywhere. Designers throwing their own after parties with everyone you can imagine in attendance. F is for Fendi partnered with Boiler Room, a London Based company that streams events live online. Broiler room an Fendi had some special guest to get the Financial District of NY rocking. Their guest appearances were Metro Booming, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert an Migos amongst many others. Celebrities like Teyana Taylor, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Joan Smalls were in attendance to this epic event.  Sadly as the night progressed an the bottomless bar began to take effect small moshpits of fights broke out. Things first began to get out of hand in the lines were people who were uninvited an intestinal were attempting to get in. Attendees at the event said people began to crowd surf, shove, an push. Those that were invited to the event were turned away at some point because Fendi had filled to capacity already. Things got so chaotic that at one point when the Migos were performing they had to stop so the crowd could be controlled. Rumors were also swirling that ASAP Rocky an Tyler the Creator “exchanged words” but there is no confirmation on that. Another guest in attendance stated that a full on fistfight broke out by the DJ Booth an at that point people began to exit the party. Nobody from the F is for Fendi campaign has made any comments to corroborate the stories that are being told, however just a few Twitter searches for the hashtag #FisforFendi showed many indications that the party did get a bit rowdy. If Fendi is going to continue to do this digital production showcasing their events live they are going to have to be just a tad bit more exclusives to keep the party crashers out. Below is the FULL VIDOE of the F is For Fendi event. It’s about 3 hours you can see things start getting a little crazy around the 2:30 mark (2hr 30 min). 

Video Credit Via boilerroomtv.com



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