DJ Drewski & Sky Landish Victims of Stalkers an Online Bullying

📸 Sky Landish Instagram

You would think with same sex marriage being recognized throughout different states an even in the military that we wouldn’t still be bothered by interracial couples. However, in DJ Drewski ‘s an Sky Landish case that’s exactly what’s happening. We all know that’s social media has become the go to source for bullying nowadays an now it seems to have crept into their relationship. Drew who is Irish an Italian an Sky who is African American an Caucasian have been accused of being apart/supporting the KKK. Some people have even went as far as targeting DJ Drewski events and telling the promoters not to book him an that he is apart of the KKK an his girlfriend (Fiancé that we will see on the reunion) is a supporter. Now if that isn’t some of the craziest stuff that I have ever heard because last I checked being Italian an Irish is definitely not a candidate for the KKK. I am sure DJ Drewski is used to the limelight a little bit but it is nothing like having your relationship under a bright light. The couple have a positive way of looking at things though, because Drew is actually the first White Male castmate to become part of the Love an Hip Hop Empire. To be still dealing with this level of racism toward interracial dating is ridiculous, the fact that it’s even gotten to the point of targeting Drew’s event is also scary an stalker like. It’s no secret that the couple has had their share of relationship issues with Bianca attempting to make herself the third wheel, an Sky going through Drew’s phone. Even with all the drama the couple celebrated their 1 year anniversary not too long ago. Being able to withstand the LHHNY drama an the racism/bullying shows you that Sky an Drew are unbreakable. Love has no color lines an if we could all accept that we would all be a little better off. 

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