Milo Yiannopoulos White Men Only School Grant

📸 Credit: Milo Yiannopoulos Website

The Britain misogynistic racist Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t new to the drama that surrounds him, from the rude things he spews, his support of trump an now his school grant for white men only. There are plenty of other scholarships an grants for minorities an people with special features like blue or green eyes With that being said it isn’t a problem that he has created this grant to help white men, it the place that the creation is coming from that is questionable? On his site his explains, “The Yiannopoulos  Privilege Grant is exclusively available to white men who wish to pursue their post secondary education on equal footing with their female, queer, and ethnic minority classmates.”If he was going to address the different ethnics or groups he felt had a better “footing” using the word queer could have been left out. It goes to show you the lack of respect he has an the length of his narrow mind. It also Sounds like he is implying that white men have/are at a educational disadvantage and I completely disagree. A statistic reports shows that from 2005 to 2015 the only 3% grown in Latino graduates, 4% growth in African American graduates, and 6% growth of white college graduates. So with a little research Milo Yiannopoulos would have known that white privilege is still very much alive an prospering. He even has the site name for the grants as privilegegrant.Com. One of the reasons that the percentages are lower in growth for blacks an Latino graduates is because financial assistance funding amount has been cut while school tuition has went up. It leaves the low income students who rely on financial aid at a disadvantage, an sadly it’s the blacks an Latinos who are the low income students. So Milo again puts his foot in his mouth with his reasoning of why he created his “school grant”. There is no problem with creating better financial opportunities to specific races or groups however to say one is more deserving or at a disadvantage due to their race is mindless an ignorant. His site for the grant is currently accepting applications an his is giving $2500. That is definitely a good starter but it won’t do much to combat the books, class fess, lab fee, an anything else that comes along with being a college student. He was recently cancelled at speaking at UC Berkley due to his support of President Trump an the student on campus were not happy he was there. We all love free money especially when it comes to helping furthering your career goal but as the saying goes “all money isn’t good money.”

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