Welcome the Elite Ivy Park Squad

Picture Credit IvyPark.Com

Ivy Park Created by Beyonce has reached its Second Fashion Campaign, an it’s ready to launch. Last month Ivy Park enlisted a elite group of women to represent the brand. It’s no secret Beyonce pulls out the big guns when she wants to like the cameo Serena Williams made in her video for Lemonade. They chose Yara Shahidi, Sophie Koella, an Selah Marley. These women are not shy when it comes to exuding confidence which is something you have to exude if you are going to be apart of anything Queen Bey is doing. When asked about how they felt about the direction of the brand Sophie Koella stated “the most inspirational part of working for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park is how the brand is built around elevating an empowering girls of all sorts an ages.” Selah Marley was quoted saying ” Sports are usually only geared towards men, an it’s simply shining a light on the fact that yes, women play sports and yes, we are also great at what we do.” The photoshoot took place down into  New Orleans by the Airport Hangars. Talk about creativity! The line is very sports meet leisure, meaning you can workout, then go have a few mimosas with your girls an be cute the entire time. You will also be comfortable, an meanwhile you don’t necessarily look like you just came from working out. I’m all about fashion versitility. Although the ladies have busy schedules from acting, photo shoots, and modeling gigs they still make time to do things they love doing. Selah Marley is a former gymnast who now plays basketball in her off time to stay healthy. Sophie Koella likes to hit the slopes an ski and run. Yara Shahidi has a foundation called Yara’s Club, which is a digital meetup designed to engage students in societal issues. Yara also plays no games when it comes to defending herself as she has a black belt in Karate! These women are the epitome of confidence, sexiness, an women empowerment. With these women representing the new Ivy Park Collection there is no doubt that it will be dope! 

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