School Shooting Plot: Bigger then Columbine 

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

Whether you were too young to know or not even born yet, you are aware of the massacre of the Columbine shooting. That horrific day left 12 dead an 24 injured an many hearts broken. Well today in Fullerton County two 16 year old are being held in custody for allegedly plotting to shoot their school (Troy High School) in a manner worse than Columbine. A few nights ago a student told a student official they overheard the two students talking about their plan to shoot up the school, the weapons they would like to use, an how effective the weapons are. It was also overheard brags about them wanting it to be bigger then the Colorado Columbine shooting. To know that this is their mindset at this age is scary. It makes you wonder what is going on in these children’s lives to make them want to plot on the killings of their peers an leaders. The student who reported the conversation was quick an secretly took a picture of the two students.Once the police identified the student an detained them, they did confirm many parts of the story the reporting student told were facts. On Wednesday the Fullerton police Department launched an investigation an began executing search warrants for more information on the alleged plot.  They found multiple web searches about different school shootings the most recent search dating to the day prior. There was also searches about weapons. The students are minors so their names won’t be released at this time. They are both released to Orange County Juvenile Center for making crimanl threats an conspiracy to commit a felony. The investigation is still ongoing. I’m really glad that the student who reported it was smart about it an spoke out. That plot could have very well took place an who knows how many lives at Troy High School would have been lost especially with them wanting to make it bigger then Columbine. *I will update this post when more details become available*


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