President of NYFW Says: Kanye needs to Follow The Rules! 

📸 Credit Kim Kardashian West Instgram

It’s not secret Kanye West isn’t very good with following the rules. This year for NYFW it’s no different. Kanye has now ruffled the feathers of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers America) President Steven Kolb. It’s known that there is levels to this fashion industry an the last thing you want to do is step on the toes of any designer. Especially designers who have dressed wife your previously for events. Mr.West ignored all “levels” an released a premature time slot for his fashion show for 5pm Thursday, February 9,2017. Now that would be fine if it didn’t already belong to designer Marchesa, an Kanye followed CFDA protocol. Normally before you state a time slot is “secured” you speak with the CFDA to make sure there aren’t any conflicts with other shows. That makes things a little less chaotic on the night it all goes down. Every designers works very hard to get their designs ready for debut during NYFW so to be battling time slots is at the very bottom of their list. Which is why the CFDA tries to ensure that process is smooth an that can only be done by making them aware of what time you would like to go on an them securing that time oficially on the schedule. When press spoke to President Steven Kolb he states “This bad behavior is unacceptable to the CFDA an should not be tolerated by the industry”. The CFDA have chosen not to add Kanye to the Official lineup, but are willing to work with him to secure a time slot for his fashion show. Steven Kolb says he stands behind this decision. If this was Mr.West first time making things a bit hectic during NYFW maybe they would have turned a blind eye, or not made it a big deal. However, Kanye has been making waves during NYFW since he brang his Yeezy Fashion Brand to the forefront. His Yeezy Season 3 show doubled as a listening party at Madison Square Garden that held people there for hours while the fashion show was continuing, making it hard for people to travel to the NYFW venue due to the traffic of his ongoing fashion show. They are hoping Kanye is willing to follow the rules an play accordingly because if this show is anything like his past ones it will affect the time slots of the others going after him. If able to secure the 5pm time slot oficially Thom Browne an Ralph Lauren are hoping he stays on schedule as they both would be going on after him. There is no word on has Designer Marchesa felt about Kanye attempting to impede on her time slot, but they are all professionals at the end of the day so I’m sure things will work out. As a person who enjoys seeing all the new fashions even though I can’t afford most of them Kanye should work on playing nice with other an not trying to bulldoze his way through. The fashion world like the music industry can pretty cut throat an you don’t want to make a enemy out of a fashion designer. When you head over to the official site for NYFW at this time Kanye is Not listed as a designer to appear. 


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