Boy Scouts of America Now accepting Transgender Youth


Boys Scouts of America has reversed a policy that has been in place for over 100 years. This year Boy Scouts have decided to allow transgender boys to be apart. Last year a young boy by the Name of Joe Maldnado was kicked out of his NJ boys Scouts group after it was discovered that he was transgender. When asked how he felt about it he said, “I had a sad face, I wasn’t crying. I was more angry then anything.” Looks like Joe will be happy again to know he can now openly be apart of boy scouts of America again. When he was kicked from his group it sent outrage through the LGBTQ community an the foundation took notice. This wasn’t the foundations first time lifting a ban, in 2013 they lifted a ban allowing the youths to be openly gay. Then later lifting a ban allowing the leaders to also be openly gay. Seems like The Boy Scouts of America foundation have no apprehension on moving forward with the times. Like most things lifting this ban will send outrage to others who feel it is in too much of a unfamiliar territory to open their children up to. Regardless of what society thinks it’s great to see The Boy Scouts of America are on board an being accepting of the many sexual orientations despite their ages.

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